A Poem’s Progress

The purpose of this blog is to track my journey, as an emerging writer,  toward getting a single poem published, preferably in print.

I have hired a mentor through Booming Ground at the University of British Columbia (who shall remain unnamed) to help me improve my craft,  and have sent her 10 poems that have been written in the last 5 years, and am expecting her feedback on Thursday. The anticipation of this stint has awakened a new focus in me, and though I haven’t written any new poetry in months, I have been working on a short fiction piece called “The Funeral Home.”

I also notice I have been ‘nesting’, making piles of old projects on my desktop, sifting through research links, and yes, starting this blog to track my progress.

I would highly recommend the Booming Ground program for emerging writers, btw. It is the best value, I have discovered, for reputable online writing mentorships at about 75 dollars a month for six months, in Canada. It is currently lead by graduate students, though in the past I had the honour of working with now Vancouver Poet Laureate, Evelyn Lau.

Many of the poems I submitted as my first ten pages have been ‘mentored’ in  their early form by Canadian poets Evelyn Lau and Karen Connelly (through the Humber School for Writers); they have travelled to Ireland and been work-shopped by T.S. Eliot award winner Sinead Morrissey and poet/performer Ben Maier  at the Seamus Heaney School for Poetry, and they have been work-shopped at the Colrain Conference in Vermont,  to very mixed reviews.

A useful  tool I have discovered through the Colrain mentors is the Duotrope website – which helps writers track submissions and in my case, rejections.

Why haven’t I been able to get my babies published? I’m hoping to  find out, for better or worse, through this new mentor-ship.

I will keep you posted.

Booming Ground  http://boomingground.com/

Humber School for Writers   http://www.humber.ca/scapa/programs/school-writers/creative-writing-correspondence

Seamus Heaney Summer School  http://www.qub.ac.uk/schools/SeamusHeaneyCentreforPoetry/

Colrain Poetry Manuscript Conference  http://www.colrainpoetry.com/